12 12 Documents

We are certified Legal Documents Assistant's (LDA's) registered and bonded in Southern California. We are a non-lawyer authorized preparer of legal documents for people representing themselves in any legal matter. We are licensed in all of Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County.

Our mission at 1212 Document Solutions

Is to educate and provide assistance to our community in an affordable manner. We manage document preparation in Bankruptcy, Family Law, Small Claims, Wills, Child Support, Probate, Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence in a professional manner. This gives our clients the power to take legal actions into their own hands. We are a fast, reliable, and affordable, legal document preparation service company.

We have the resources on hand that can be tailored to the specific needs of our client.
We are here to help. Never feel you are alone, there is always help.

This office is a document preparation company. The information provided through our service cannot be used for legal advice. State of California prohibits individuals from offering legal services directly to the public and such practice would be considered “unauthorized practice of law”. We are not allowed to accept money for providing legal advice. We reserve the right to deny services to anyone without cause.

If you have any query ... We are available