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We provide quality document preparation to individuals who represent themselves in Court. Preparing legal documents can be an intimidating task, and many California residents seek the assistance of an attorney when feeling overwhelmed by paperwork.

The pressure to know the law and to complete the forms correctly can be daunting to those trying to do everything themselves. Depending on your legal needs, there may be a more affordable alternative to hiring an attorney: under California statutory law, certain types of legal services can be performed by Legal Document Assistant's (LDA's) or Unlawful Detainer Assistant's (UDA's). Legal-document and unlawful-detainer assistants provide, for compensation, self-help assistance to members of the public who are representing themselves in legal matters.

1212 Documents provides a full range of quality document preparation in the areas of American Indian Law, Bankruptcy, Child Custody, Child Support, DUI, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Education Law, TRO and many other areas. We strive to bring you high quality document preparation at an affordable rate. We also have the ability to handle everything over the telephone, via Internet, or email.

In many cases the only assistance needed is with the preparation of the documents and filing; and for that purpose we are honored to be able to assist. We pride ourselves on our work and a can do attitude.

Call today for more information: (714) 591-7080, We are available Monday - Friday, all calls are answered by our staff, not an answering service.

All documents are prepared as quickly as possible; however, some documents require additional research and writing, so a turn-around time will be discussed upon receiving the file.